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Established in 1997
As a club policy we do not refund for non-attendance.  In some circumstances, if we are given prior notice we will allow participants to register on the same course at a later date or day.  This only normally applies if the course has not reached maximum occupancy. This facility does not apply to individual lessons within courses. Clients are required to give twenty four hours notice for cancellations for all bookings. Under such circumstances a credit voucher will be awarded for future use or to have the session rescheduled. All credit vouchers are valid for a maximum 12 weeks. All block bookings are to be  utilised within a 12 week period.  Credit vouchers will be rendered unredeemable once the noted expiry date has passed. Cancellations for sessions held on Mondays and Saturdays require at least two days notice. All cancellations should be communicated to the club in writing via email. This policy applies to all bookings at The Basement Dance Studio.

 Left telephone messages are not accepted as  valid . Credit vouchers are not available  when requests are made retrospectively. Any potential  credit voucher will be made available from the date the request is made in writing via email.  No other method will be accepted as valid. Membership to the Basement does not guarantee that you will always get the classes you request but every endeavour will be made to assist in the selection of your classes. The Basement does not guarantee the availability of any specific dance class but does guarantee a range of dance classes.
If classes are considered to be in any way unsatisfactory,  participants are required to terminate their participation in the relevant class immediately . All criticisms should be documented  and sent via email to info@jumpanddance.com. Please note that this format is the only method acceptable to The Basement. In particular phone call complaints will not be acted upon especially where participation is continued . Messages left on   voicemail will not be registered as a formal complaint.
Please note that any free or promotional courses offered are not  transferable, redeemable or eligible for credit vouchers. This includes products that have been reduced.