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"In April, I went to Cuba and had a fabulous time - my only
regret was that my lack of salsa dancing skills meant that
my partners needed the skills of fork-lift truck operators
to manoeuvre me around!

When I came back to England, I decided I wanted to learn
cuban salsa; my two pre-requisites for a teacher were 1)
they had to teach 100% cuban style 2) they had to teach in a
structured, but accelerated fashion.  Basement Dance Studio
caught my eye as the teacher, Judy, had quite uniquely
learnt cuban salsa in Havana and they were a well-
established dance school; ticks in both my boxes.

I have just finished a set of private lessons with Judy,
whose talents as a teacher are unsurpassable.  She has
instilled in me a mastery of the basics, which means that I
am operating way above the level that I would have been, had
I attended group lessons. 

Judy is clear, focussed, patient, encouraging, and above
all, lots of fun.  Her analytical approach is perfect for
those who want to do more than just go through the motions. 
She exudes the essence of salsa; she knows how to swing
those hips and engage with the music - and now, thanks to
her, so do I!
July 2005
"As someone with a lot of dance experience but with no teaching experience I found this course sufficiently stimulating and very helpful in learning a clear- cut and effective teaching method.  I enjoyed the intensive pace and being able to dance every day.  This  course is particularly great for women who have learned to follow well, but do not know who to lead, which is a crucial aspect of teaching salsa. All in all much fun was had and a lot was learned".
"The course at the Basement was the only one I could find that offered a nationally recognised certificate to teach Cuban Salsa. As a qualified dance teacher, but with very little knowledge of salsa, I found it a steep learning curve, but Judy was very patient and an excellent teacher. It is a very intensive course that requires total commitment for the week, but the outcome is definitely worthwhile. I would strongly recommend the course for anyone serious about teaching Cuban Salsa."    Liz Scholey August 2006
"If you want to learn to teach Cuban salsa in a clear structured way The Basement  studio centre is definitely the place to go.  Judy is an exciting teacher with  lots of energy and 101 different ways of explaining how to do something, which makes it easier to understand what it is that you are learning"
Nigel Evelyn-White January 2006
 It was well structured and paced, offering comprehensive dance training and development in salsa and good feedback during teaching practise.
 Overall the course armed me with an effective methodology for teaching Salsa and an understanding on its background, variations within the genre and the creative abilities open to me.    January 2006
 When learning steps before partnering up I would have welcomed knowing where the steps led me in respect to my partner. I found that while I had learned the footwork and floor pattern I was often not sure how they related to my partner, or where my partner was in respect to my movements.
Student Testimonies for the Salsa Teacher Training Course
This is the fourth day of the Cuban Salsa Teacher’s course. Tomorrow we do our assessment. I want to write this before I do it as I don’t want either success or failure to influence my experience up until now.
It took me a year to decide to do this course, primarily because of the cost. For me that has been 1,000 euros as I travelled from Ireland. I was also worried about what I was buying into even though I had met Judy and visited the studio beforehand. At this point I can honestly say every euro was worth it.
From day one Judy Jn-Baptiste the course tutor took us through the components of how to constructively teach a beginner’s Cuban salsa course. It is intense and hard work but the course is well thought out and excellently structured. It is also very challenging on a personal level. Above all it is a sound preparation in teaching techniques and methods, essential for anyone teaching Cuban Salsa.
The studio is a lovely space to work in and Judy provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The course work is carved meticulously in a professional yet inspiring way. She’s also a great dancer!!
I met up with two wonderful women Julia and Maria. We found our ‘caf’ down the road and became regulars. Great sausage and fried egg sandwich! Thank s for your company, stories and chat. We bonded through stress, lack of sleep but most of all loving to dance.
Thank you Judy and I hope to make it to the intermediate class”
Marian Sheils
I found the Salsa workshop week to be of the highest professional level.