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Our teachers are very patient and good at explaining the technical intricacies of breakdance. Working with our very experienced teachers is fun although at the same time challenging. . Fit and agile and up to date our teachers bring all their break dancing experience to the Basement Dance Studio

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Learn break dance foot work such as top rock

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Break dance lessons for beginners Learn to dance efficiently and effortlessly. No experience needed, just the urge to break dance.

You might want to invest in a cap for level 2 break dance classes and be prepared to be the floor most of the time in all break dance classes.

Simple but effective  warm up routine to get the body physically prepared for break dance classes. These exercises specifically strengthen the body parts need to  break dance well

Dancing to a mix of Old Skool dance music and modern Hip hop sets the scene perfectly for your break dance lessons.

We have two levels. Level one is for the absolute beginner teaching the the basic fundamentals of break-dance. You will then progress onto level two once you have completed the first stage. Or you can opt for the one day intensive break dance lessons occasionally  held on Saturday  afternoons.


Make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing for breakdancing. Ideally trainers and tracksuit bottoms should be worn for this class. Avoid wearing clothes that have large buttons and bulky belts etc.

Work intensively for a minimum of 3 hours on a Saturday . Excellent tuition! Learn much more break dance. Click here for next date