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What is Rueda de Casino?
Rueda de Casino originated in Havana Cuba in the 1950s.  It takes its name from the club El Casino Deportivo, also located in Havana Cuba. However, some dance historians suggest that its origins are located among poor Afro Cubans as a street dance who could not afford to attend the social clubs and casinos. When more affluent Cubans adopted the dance  it  was transported to the social clubs where it established itself as Rueda de Casino. In order to keep a distinction between one figure and another, they began naming them and thus set
In Rueda, which is the Spanish word for wheel, two or more couples get together and form a circle.  The leader (cantante) calls out commands and the couples respond by performing the called figures in unison.  The couples alternate dancing with their own partners and all others in the circle.  The moves performed range form short simple figures to long complicated combinations.
There are many different calls involved in Rueda . Some of them change from town to town in Cuba, country to country or even group to group.
Some of the basic calls are
dile que no
rueda de casino dancing classes
Some groups create their own calls and expand the repertoire of Rueda
Rueda is a great way to meet people and make friends and you are sure to have fun dancing Rueda de Casino

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