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Salsa Cubana One Day Intensive.
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salsa dance lessons
learning salsa dancing
cuban salsa dance lessson in london
Learn how to dance cuban salsa in London
Learn it all in a day!
Learn it all at once

This is an ideal  opportunity for you to learn Salsa quickly  and have fun at the same time!

Why wait until the next course starts?  Start now!
Learn it quickly!

This course will take beginners through to general level material producing competent and confident salsa dancers.

Before you know it you'll have enough material  to be confident in  the world of club salsa dancing.

Build on your skills and develop more steps and moves.

This programme will give  you a head start to learn  some of the more challenging components of general salsa material. You  will learn some of the following:

Setenta complicado
Setenta y uno
Atras turns for the male
Paso Cruzado

And other figures based on  previous knowledge
This programme is ideal  if you would like to consolidate all the material you have learned throughout your six week course.  It is also ideal if you have missed lessons on a course you are currently attending. We will be revising the following:

dile que no
enchunfla doble
Private salsa dance lessons
If you would prefer to work with your partner alone, please consider a programme of private salsa dance lessons. This option   accelerates learning and affords you the individual attention that you might be seeking to improve your salsa dancing.  We also offer private group lessons. 
learn how to dance salsa
Our Salsa dance lessons will give you all you need to look good on the dance floor
Full emersion!
Catch up

No need to bring a partner, just a keenness to dance and learn Salsa