This course lasts for six weeks and runs throughout the year.  Better still why  not become a member  and enjoy all of the classes The Basement has to offer . It is much better value for money and a great way to make new friends.  

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This is the class for you.

Street dance with a hip hop twist

Learn some of the hottest dance moves as seen in pop  videos in a laid back environment

These classes are exclusively for adults, with exciting choreography.

street dance is  energetic and  a great way to get in shape whilst you have fun!

Boost your self esteem, gain confidence and have fun with this funky street dance class!

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Learn cool funky  moves.

Develop rhythm and co-ordination.

Learn to pick up slick  choreography moves for dancing in clubs.

Don't miss out and book today!

Make your  life more interesting today

Street Dance classes in North London Camden and Islington
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Inspired by  the most up to date dance moves

Dance routines to rock

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